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Tennyson Primary School

Tangled Feet Productions Belongings

Cleo is on a journey like no other. She’s trying to discover her past whilst attempting to stay on her feet in the present. Where has she been and when will she get back? Piles of clothes become sea creatures, dresses become parachutes and shadows dance as Cleo and two new friends find a place called home. 


Inspired by working with young people in Kent who don’t live with their birth parents, Belongings is the story of finding your feet, finding your playmates & imagining a new future.


Told with Tangled Feet’s unique blend of physicality, innovative design and original music, this is a show for anyone aged 6 and up who is looking to find where they fit in.


 Children in years 3-6 at both Tennyson sites were able to catch a performance by production company "Tangled Feet" today.
It was clear to see how well Tangled Feet captured imaginations, addressing key social issues faced by our young members of society while provoking conversation about how we interpret and feel about the content of a story performed, rather than read.
All of our students participated in the story being played out before them, the excitement from the younger students was clear, with our older students fascinated by the use of performance to allow their minds to wander freely around emotional concepts and the theme of "where do I fit in?" 
Many thanks to the team at "Tangled Feet" for coming along. We look forward to seeing you again soon! 
For more information please head to Tangled Feet website.